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In innovatively volatile industries – where processes, techniques, and technologies change daily – information management and accessibility is a vital component of core infrastructure; it is the intellectual capital responsible to assure consistent standards within industries (and workforces) and to guide future innovations.

The Foundry is a collaborative knowledge engine and dissemination platform designed to facilitate on-going development, standardization, and dissemination of innovations and best industry practices within Big Data and its related fields.

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The Foundry is divided into three complimentary disciplines:

InfoBurner: Explore an ever-growing shared source of published Big Data information, including: tutorials, academic publications, news & opinion articles, interviews, and definitions (glossary).
SocialFusion: A set of collaborative social tools which enables peers to exhibit, discuss/debate, corroborate, and come to a consensus on, improvements to current industry best practices.
KnowledgeCast: Document and distribute finalized peer assented improvements to industry practices in real-time to the Foundry’s registered users.

Metaphorically speaking, if a culinary recipe represents static information (InfoBurner), then SocialFusion is where professionally trained chefs who have experience executing the recipe can share their experience. They may have discovered tweaks to the process, new techniques, or the use of new technology to improve the recipe. They can exhibit their experience as a Case Study and discuss the benefits of their proposed improvements with peers. Peers can then test and corroborate the improvements to the recipe themselves.

Once a consensus is made among professionals, the detailed results – should they be deemed an improvement – are documented (KnowledgeCast) and disseminated in real-time to all registered Foundry Professionals.

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